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Only people with intuition of infinity can be artists

Pain generates holes, love fills them.

It's all in my head

I'm not ready to settle down

How I feel without u (S)

No one keeps me grounded

Falling stars PART II (make a wish)

The sky is crying too (S)

We should all have a "sea view" life

The sky is falling

Falling stars (make a wish)

Waterfall of tears

Waterfall of color

You can go everywhere but u will take you the prison u have inside.

Giulia, Point G, or Point Giulia?

Equal and opposite

First quality of ART is ILLUSION

It's all about color

Everything u see here is just an ILLUSION

Take a perfect circle, if u play with it u will have a vicious cycle

Everything u see here is just an ILLUSION.

I'm like geometry: COMPLICATED

Never break a mirror


It's raining color!

Fly high!



Born wrong & crooked.

Fortunately I'm NOT perfect

I'm like geometry: complicated.

Mondrian alphabet

Cry baby, cry!

U only see what your eyes want to see

Corporate identity for Alessia Marchesin: AM.


Think different, imagine, daydream