About me

Giulia Filippi | Visual Designer:
illustrator, graphic designer,  photograher, model & Berliner.
0 Shades Of Gray/Broken is not so bad.

Model for Fashion Agency "4Model",Milan, 2011-2013
Model for "EXTRAS Berlin", Berlin, 2013
Model for "Agentur Wanted", Berlin, 2013-2017
Model for "Filmgesichter", Berlin, 2013-2017
Freelance Model/Phoptographer/Illustrator, Berlin, 2013-2017.
Model for "Autentika Hostesses and Models", Berlin-Vicenza, 2016-2017
Gallery assistant for "Pink Zeppelin Gallery", Berlin, 2014-2015
Photographer/Collaborator for "Berlino Magazine" Berlin, 2016-2017

High School (address Humanistic) “Niccolò Tron”, Schio (VI).
Degree at European Institute of Design in Milan (IED), in Illustration.
German at BSI private Sprachschule, Berlin, 2013-2014.
Individual Coaching and professional Training at Gaetan,Berlin,2015.
Photography course with photographer Paolo Lafratta, Berlin, 2015-2016.
Street Photography course with photographer Anna Agliardi, Berlin, 2016.
Photojournalism course with photojournalist Gianluca Pardelli, Berlin, 2017.
Facebook course with Walter Ronzani, Megahub, Schio, 2017.
User Experience (UX) workshop with Matteo Fanchin, Megahub, Schio, 2017.
Diskos-School of digital design & Communication, Vicenza, 2017-2019.

I come from Italy and I am 28 years old. I studied Illustration at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan, and after I moved to the multicultural and artistic city of Berlin, where I studied German, photography and I took a career-oriented training and coaching course. After that and thanks to my creativity, my attention to details and my ability to illustrate different themes, I had the possibility to work as an illustrator, photographer, model freelancer and at the same time in art galleries and fashion agencies.
I realized spontaneously many art exhibitions, both in Italy and in Berlin, and I won several International competitions, that have been published in Italy, Portugal, United States, Finland, Great Britain and Germany.
In 2017 I came back to Italy to study Digital Design & Communication in Vicenza, Italy.

Art is my life: one of the oldest memories is my first drawing. I am a reserved person, and I've always devoted myself to art, because it allows me to express myself and to free what I have inside, without the use of the words, since I was a child. I have experienced all artistic techniques, but only at the European Institute of Design in Milan, where I studied, I found my way: there I discovered conceptual art, I fell in love and I decided it would be my way of working. I simply use some concepts and symbols to express something else, something deeper. Conceptual art is not easy to understand and that’s why I love it: it asks the reader to think, escape reality and discover unknown worlds. I am curious, I love to be versatile: now for example I'm studying Digital Design. My artworks are complex/complicated for another reason: the multiple use of technique and materials, a mix of drawing, painting, graphic and photography. I love doing the so-called "mixed media", describing both personal and social topics: I wish my art could open the mentality of the society, so that people will be more available to others, without racism and without bias. It is not utopia, but a way of life and a possible reality that I found in Berlin, where I lived for 4 years, and I would get everywhere. If Art is my first love, Berlin is my second.


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