Fashion Works

Berliners: ME. 
Selfportraits, Berlin, 2016.

Berliners: ME.
Portraits by Patricia Fiol Photographer.

Photo Book realized by "Fashion Agency 4Model",
Via Vincenzo Foppa, 46 20144 Milan, Italy.

Photo Shooting for Momò Dìaz, Berlin, Germany.

Pics for Moncler, Italy.

Pics for Potographers' Portfolio, Italy.

Pics for Levi's, Italy.

Photo Shooting BVG-Stadion and Freibad Lichtenberg
in collaboration UDK University, Berlin, Germany.

Photo Shooting for the German Magazine
"Style Pass",
Prenzalauer Berg, Berlin, 2014.
Publication: 11th December 2014.

"I think that HOME is where you find yourself." 
Me for the PHOTO PROJECT "I think that", Berlin, 2016. 
Pic by Emilio Porcaro Photographer.


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